Living the BONES Lifestyle

A Practical Guide to Conquering The Fear of Osteoporosis

It's time to conquer the fear

and enjoy your life. . .

This is more than just a how-to book. It gets straight to the underlying principles of bone health and offers practical solutions in a clear, concise format with detailed illustrations. The perfect balance of playfulness and interesting facts makes this difficult material easy to read and easy to remember. The balance and strength training exercises are clearly described and easy to do. Living The BONES LifestyleŠ will forever change the way you think about your bones.

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Welcome to the official site for the book, Living the BONES Lifestyle. This book will teach you the lifestyle changes to manage or reverse osteoporosis, no matter what your age. For regular updates and lifestyle tips about osteoporosis and living the BONES lifestyle, visit our blog
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"Why would I want to read this book?"


The 6 I's of the BONES Lifestyle:

Increase bone density and slow down bone loss

Influence bone structure

Improve functional strength

Improve balance and reflexes

Increase flexibility and range of motion

Invigorate mood

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